Alia Bhatt Wants To Play A Biopic Role Of Pakisatni Singer!

Alia Bhatt says that she will love to do a biographical film where she will explorer herself more than as an actor and the lucky person that comes to her mind is Pakistani singer Nazia Hassan (late).

Alia told: "I didn't think much more about it but Ithink i should do it now."

More she said, "i will love to do a biopic on Pakistani Pop Sensation Nazia Hassan who died very early in her age. She was a talented singer and i am a singer too, so it would be interesting for me much more."

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An Interesting Review On "MANTO"

People on the stairs, standing ovation and a round of applause that lasted for over 3 minutes tell you about the impact it had on the audience. Post partition 7 years of Manto’s life depicted on the big screen show the emphatic struggle of survival which the writer had to fight through.

Manto perhaps will be the best movie of the year 2015. Leading role is played by Sarmad Sultan Khosat and he has done justice to his role, he played his role with such a manner that after few minutes into the movie that it gets very hard to disengage from the plot of movie.
Very often in Pakistan, the screenplay of the movies falls short of good dialogues but "Manto" whose screenplay has been adapted from Manto's Thanda Gosht, License, Maddari, Peshawar Sy Lahore and Hatak gives the screenplay a power.
In this movie, Manto,s life has portrayed such a manner that you can see the real and true colors of Manto's life with the dark fate of him. Shahid Nadeem should be praised for his superb dialogues which gives you a real happiness till the end of the movie. the oration in the end sums up the whole movie and leaving the question that what have we done to the people who were God gifted and true ambassadors of our art and culture.
Manto The Movie has drama, shades of love, empathy and tragedy wrapped in a harsh dark cover of reality from the past. The 20th century necrophilia plot revolves around Manto’s most controversial stories for which he had to face charges of obscenity. But labeling MANTO and his progressive writing as obscene and taboo was out of hatred and jealousy as we lost one of the best writers and story tellers of his time.

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GEO TV releases BOL Movie Online, Watch Bol Movie Free

The most talked about and high rated Pakistani Movie BOL is now finally available to watch online for free. Apparently, GEO TV has released the DVD Rip quality of BOL Movie Online.
The social drama film by Shoaib Mansoor has already been released in Pakistan, India, UK, USA and many other countries worldwide. However, there hasn’t been yet BOL Movie DVDs available in the market.
A brand new YouTube channel with the name of GEOTVBOLMOVIE has uploaded the complete BOL Movie Online in HQ Print. After watching the movie print one can easily understand that the movie is uploaded by someone associated with the Film and not by any ordinary uploader.
Watch below the complete Pakistani Film, BOL in very good quality print:

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