Imran Khan And Neelam Munir The Next Couple

Imran Khan have divorced his wife Rehaam Khan and now he is ready for a new marriage. Acoording to some resources, Neelam Munir will be the next heroine of Imran Khan. Neelam Munir also likes Imran Khan a lot and she is also ready for this marriage.
In a tv talk show, when a question asked to Neelam that who is her favourit cricket player, the compitition was among Shahid Afridi,Imran Khan and Sarfraz Khan, she quickly replied that she likes Imran Khan.
Neelam Munir is a super model and beautiful actress of Pakistan Showbiz Industry. She is a verstile actress.

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Artists With Thier Celebrity Siblings May Be You Don't Know

Feroz Malik With Sisters:

Sajal Ali With Sister:

Mawra Hocane With Sister:

Ali Zafar With Brother:

Syra Yousuf With Sisters:

Minal Khan With Sisters:

Zaib Choudhry With Sister:

Shaista Lodhi With Brother:

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Shiv Sena Threat To Mahira Khan And Fawad Khan!

Hardline Hindu Nationalist Party Shiv Sena has threatened Pakistani actor Fawad Khan and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan. Shiv Sena had already threat to a Muslim Umpire Aleem Dar and now the turn of Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan.

Mahira Khan is working with Shahrukh Khan in the movie "Raees". Fawad Khan has already done a movie Khubsoorat Starring with Sonam Kapoor, now he is busy in his new movie "Ay Dil Hy Mushkil".

Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan are the versetile artists of Pakistan showbiz industry. There famous play was "Hamsafar".
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Kareena Kapoor Will Be The Heroine Of Shoaib Mansoor!

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor is all set to star in esteemed Pakistani Director Shoaib Mansoor's upcoming movie.

It is revealed that 35years old actress will go to Dubai next week to meet Shoaib Mansoor for a formal script narration and to sign the contract. The rumours were confirmed by Kareena's Spokesmanin a statement.

Insiders revealed that Shoaib Mansoor had emailed his script to the Bebo and added that she liked the role , but wanted to hear the script before confirming. Kareena Kapoor Khan will be the first a list actress to work in a Pakistani Project.

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Lollywood: Vulgarity On Its Peak In Pakistan!

Here I want to draw attention of the readers towards the increased vulgarity in Pakistani showbiz. The actors of Lollywood are becoming so much vulgar that they are completely forgetting that they are Muslims and representing Pakistan. We notice this in the lux style awards where they dress up so openly that it becomes difficult to accept the reality that they are Muslims and belong to an Islamic state. This kind of appearance is putting negative impact on the younger generation of our country.
Not only this but now a days we can see that the films which are being released in Lollywood are also not worth watching. The dialogues, dresses, movie themes as well as movie titles are also cheap. This should be controlled as soon as possible. Because of this we are getting away from our culture and forgetting our religion and these low grade and uncultured movies are influencing our generation in the negative way. Those effects and outcome are spotted in the news every single day.Government should ban these movies and these films should also be prohibited in Pakistani cinemas as well which can be a major initiative for restricting these shameful broadcasts.

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Most Cute And Adoreable Children With Thier Cute Moms!

Some beautiful women has beautiful family as like our many actressess who are beautiful and thier children are also beautiful. Here i m goint to tell u the name of some actresses who had beautiful family.

Fiza Ali With Daughter:

Sadia Imam's Daughter:

Ayeza Khan's Daughter:

Syra Yousaf"s Daughter:

Fatima Afandi's Son:

Nida Yasir's Son:

Jaweria Saud's Daughter:

Sunita Marshall's Daughter:

Nadia Khan's Son:

Mehreen Syed's Son:

Swera Nadeem's Son:

Shaista Wahidi's Daughter:

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Lollywood Queen Reema Walima Ceremony Exclusive Pictures

Lollywood’s Barbie doll Reema Khan married to Dr Tariq Shahab back in November 18, 2011. The wedding was a small affair as she had said that there would be a big wedding reception in Lahore. The walima ceremony was held in a local hotel here on Saturday, the groom dressed in traditional wedding dresses while actress Reema khan worn the silver bridal dress designed by Hasan Shehryar Yasin.

The ceremony was largely attended by social & showbiz figures. Many leading artistes of Television and Film including Syed Noor, Sangita, Jamshaid Zafar, Bahar Begam, Ayesha Sana, as well as friends & family members, attended the ceremony.

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>> Exclusive Pictures of Reema Khan Wedding Ceremony << 

Lollywood Queen Reema Walima Ceremony Video :

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Drunk Veena with Indian Director Heemant Madhu (Leaked Pictures)

Veena Malik who is known as queen of controversies doesn’t care for anyone. She damn cares for anyone. Let us tell you Veena Malik don’t have respect for her family, she don’t even care for her Pak identity, she don’t bother about her fans. She just know how to be in controversies and always try to get cheap fame from any side. In the beginning she was having affair with Pakistani actor Bubrik Shah then cricketer Mohammad Asif came in her life, she doesn’t stop here. Afterwards Veena Malik went to India for taking part in a show named as Bigg Boss and got affair with Indian actor on which she criticized a lot in Pakistan from various communities.

These days Veena malik is busy in her latest affair with Indian Movie Directors Hemant Madhurkar. Veena has signed a film ‘Mumbai 125kms’ which is directed by the same person Hemant Madhurkar. What is all this? This time there are numerous private Photos have been taken that are kind of speechless. Pakistani government should take certain steps in order to control Veena Malik’s activities. At least one should cancel her Pakistani nationality. Pakistani masses will never forgive her she always plays with their sentiments.
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