Mawra Hocane With Varun Dhawan In Jalwa 2..

Mawra Hocane is top Pakistani actress, model and VJ. She got great success in Pakistan and now shown her talent in India through her movie “Sanam Teri Kasam”. Varun Dhawan is a famous Bollywood actor who is emerging day by day. Recently, he has done his amazing movie “Dilwale” with the great stars like Kajol, SRK and Kriti Sanon.
It is expected that Mawra Hocane and Varun Dhawan are appearing together in Jalwa 2, a new bollywood movie. The news confirms that the male actor will be Varun with three names for females still in the pipeline including Mawra, Kareena and Sonakshi Sinha.

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Sanam Jang SRK And Kajol Behind The Screen

Sharukh Khan making fun with Sanam Jang at the show Jago Pakistan Jago. Kajol and SRK are promoting their upcoming movie DDLJ through Sanam Jang show.

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Main Sitara Upcoming Drama Of Saba Qamar And Mikaal Zulfiqar

Main Sitara is the upcoming drama starring by Noman Ijaz, Meera, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Saba Qamar, Hassan Ahmad, Azfar Rehman, Rija Ali, Ayesha Gul and so many others.

The script has been written by a famous novel write Faiza Iftikhar but the name of the director has not been revealed yet.

According to TV One, the story of Main Sitara revolves around the heart wrenching journey of a poor girl, who wants to become a filmstar. This is the story of 60th century.

There is a confusion regarding the name of the drama, writer of this drama Faiza Iftikhar promote it on her facebook fan page as the name of Nigaar Khana but TV One is promoting it as Main Sitara.

Saba Qamar Plays the major role in this play. Mikaal Zulfiqaar is also a working in this as a leading role namely Farhaad Sethi. Meera will be playing the role of Naseem  Dilruba.

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Azfar Ali Divorced Naveen Waqar Is Really Shocking

Another shocking news fromour showbiz industry, it is about thedivorce of a famous actress and VJ Naaveen Waqar and Azfar Ali. This time Azfar Ali divorced Naveen Waqar.

Television actor and director Azfar Ali divorced Naveen Waqar. He had also divorced his first wife Salma after 11 years of thier marriage. Salma and Azfar are the parents of a child. Naveen Waqar stepped in drama industry with HUMSAFAR and then she worked in a number of serials. She started her career as a VJ.

Azfar Alit talked to Express Tribune and cleared that they both were separated from July and now they are not husband and wife now.
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Pakistanis Are Attractive Than Other Countries Of The World. Agree?

Pakistani is one of most attractive faces country of the world. According to an International magzine, Pakistanis are no.1 in thier beautiness. Pakistan won this title between 15 countries of the world.

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Ali Zafar Once Again Win The Hearts Of Billions

Pakistan's singing sensation Ali Zafar is once again out to win hearts and minds of millions of his fans across Punjab. Ali started a tour of Punjab on Nov 10 with a concert in Sialkot and has since performed in Gujranwala and Sargodha also.Through the tour, the international star wants to project that he does not only appeal to masses in major cities such as Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad only but anyone who loves music, loves Ali Zafar.In his latest concert in Sargodha at a private college, Ali rekindled the patriotic spirit among the audience. He started waving a huge national flag and sang his tune Aasman to pump up patriotism in the crowd, which was followed by Ali's personal favourite national song, Dil Dil Pakistan. This threw the charged-up crowd in a further frenzy that joined their favourite singer in belting out the song and also waved small national flags.Through this surprise gesture Ali wanted to show to the world that Pakistanis are a proud, resilient and brave nation. Despite facing and tolerating atrocities at the hands of terrorists and extremists, the nation is still moving ahead towards prosperity with full vigour.
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10th Wedding Anniversary Of Fawad Khan And Sadaf Fawad

There are very few actors in Pakistan Showbiz Industry who have repeatedly said that they are everything that they are today because of their wife. None of Fawad Khan's interview is complete untill he mentions his wife. His wife has always been there for him whether it is award show or shooting time.
This real life couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary last night in Lahore. There are invited many close friends in this cermony. There are some pictures of their party, with other friends and family members.

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