Pakistanis Are Attractive Than Other Countries Of The World. Agree?

Pakistani is one of most attractive faces country of the world. According to an International magzine, Pakistanis are no.1 in thier beautiness. Pakistan won this title between 15 countries of the world.

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Indian Playback singer Shreya Ghoshal to visit Pakistan next month

 imageThe leading Indian Playback singers Sherya Ghoshal & Shan will visit Pakistan in mid June, sources said on Wednesday.
According to the sources, both the singers would arrive in Islamabad and would be performing in musical programs in the  Pakistani capital.
They said that Sherya Ghoshal & Shan are coming to Pakistan on the invitation of a local NGO.
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Bilal Khan and Quratulain Balouch Roshan Sitara OST Hum TV

Artist: Bilal Khan and Quratulain Balouch
Song: Roshan Sitara
Composer: Waqar Ali
Lyricist by: Sabir Zafar
Drama Writer: Sarwat Nazeer,
Producer: Abdullah Kadwani, Humayun Saeed & Asad Qureshi
Directed by: Siraj-ul-Haque
Cast: Samina Peerzada, Munawer Saeed, Momar Rana, Sanam Baloch, Naheed Shabeer, Sadia Imam, Affan Waheed, Behroz Sabzwari, Lubna Aslam, Kaiser Khan Nizamani, Wahaj,Qaiser Naqvi, Ayesha Gull, Rizwan Ali Khan, Raima Khan,

Watch Video below:
Roshan Sitara is the story of love and sacrifice spanning two generations. The first generation of lovers are the star-crossed cousins Roshan Ara and Mansoor, while the second generation consists of Momin and Sitara whose relationship comes to a happier ending.
Giving in to her mother's greed Roshan Ara gets married to a feudal named Hakim Ali. Mansoor dies of a broken heart while his 8 year old brother who is very attached to Roshan falls into bad health as he mourns his brother's death and being separated from Roshan Ara. His mother decides that the only way for him to get better is to move on and so she sends him to the US. Where as Roshan Ara discovers that her husband is already married.
Hakim Ali's first wife is extremely cruel to Roshan Ara, who passes away after giving birth to a baby girl. Growing up, Sitara has to face being constantly menaced and ridiculed by her step mother until she is sent of to live with her maternal grand mother's house where her aunt showers her with affection. But as Sitara grows older she begins to realize that her beauty is jeopardizing her aunt's chances of getting married. This upsets her immensely and she arrives on a decision.
On the other hand when Momin returns to Pakistan after 20 years, he falls head over heals in love with Sitara. But her grandmother wants Momin to get married to Sitara's aunt Iffat. In the meantime Hakim Ali decides he misses his daughter and lands in Pakistan to take her back with him.
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Bhool (Remix) - Bilal Khan

Artist: Bilal Khan
Song: Bhool (Remix)
Album: Maktoob
Composed & Written by Bilal Khan
Produced and Mixed by Amir Ajmal
Bhool (Remix) - Bilal Khan
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Drunk Veena with Indian Director Heemant Madhu (Leaked Pictures)

Veena Malik who is known as queen of controversies doesn’t care for anyone. She damn cares for anyone. Let us tell you Veena Malik don’t have respect for her family, she don’t even care for her Pak identity, she don’t bother about her fans. She just know how to be in controversies and always try to get cheap fame from any side. In the beginning she was having affair with Pakistani actor Bubrik Shah then cricketer Mohammad Asif came in her life, she doesn’t stop here. Afterwards Veena Malik went to India for taking part in a show named as Bigg Boss and got affair with Indian actor on which she criticized a lot in Pakistan from various communities.

These days Veena malik is busy in her latest affair with Indian Movie Directors Hemant Madhurkar. Veena has signed a film ‘Mumbai 125kms’ which is directed by the same person Hemant Madhurkar. What is all this? This time there are numerous private Photos have been taken that are kind of speechless. Pakistani government should take certain steps in order to control Veena Malik’s activities. At least one should cancel her Pakistani nationality. Pakistani masses will never forgive her she always plays with their sentiments.
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Wasu Aur Mein Episode 7 13 May 2012 – Geo TV

Wasu-Aur-Mein-Episode 7geo tv
Here is the episode 7 of most anticipated and highly promoted new show of Geo TV Network, Wasu aur Mein featuring Shehzad Roy along with Wasu (the Baloch guy) showing us interesting things via this new show.
Watch below Episode 7 of  Wasu aur Mein:
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Ammi Jaan - Amanat Ali (Mother's Day 2012 special song)

Amanat Ali sings a special song “Ammi Jaan” to pay tribute to all the Mothers on this year’s Mother's Day 2012.
Song : “Ammi Jan”
Singer : Amanat Ali
Mothers Day Special Song
Lyrics: Nadeem Asad
Director: Asad Pathan
Composition: Nadeem Jaffery
Song Production: Geo Adaptations
Watch the full video below:
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Desi Beat Malkoo Feat. AK The Punjabi Rapper

Desi Beat Malkoo Feat. AK The Punjabi Rapper
Song: Desi Beat
Artist: Malkoo Feat. AK The Punjabi Rapper.
Shot Chopped and Directed By Saqib Siddiqui
ZDS Productions
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Seekhna - Sajjad Ali [Sim Sim Hamara] (Video)

Sim Sim Hamara - Episode 16
- Episode 16 - Season 1
Street Song - 'Seekhna' featuring  Sajjad Ali
Sajjad Ali recently performed a song titled “Seekhna” for the episode 16 of children`s program “Sim Sim Hamara”
(Pakistani version of “Sesame Street”).
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