Katrina Wardrobe Malfunction at The Indian Music Awards

Bollywood Barbie Katrina Kaif just managed to escape a wardrobe malfunction during her performance at the Indian Music Awards.  During the performance Katrina was wearing a gorgeous, strappy red top with tight black pants. When she was performing on-stage with a bunch of girls, and setting the stage on fire with her rocking moves her top slipped off several time. Though she was trying to adjust her ill fitted dress, but it was getting loose at her shoulder and finally her left shoulder strip falls down and about to uncover her private parts.  Phew! some how some way she manage to escape this time.

According to the report from a source in Mumbai Mirror, “Clothes to be worn at the event are made in a very short period of time. Although stars do have dress trials and Katrina had one too, it was a mere accident of her strap giving way. Wearing an outfit and standing is different from wearing an outfit and performing.”
During the trial the dress seemed to be perfect, but the malfunction occurred when she started performing on the show. Katrina somehow managed it and showed her maturity by not showing any kind of embarrassment in front of public.  So, next time we expect Katrina to be more cautious choosing her attire, since a heavy weight Bollywood celebrity like her shouldn’t be on the headlines for these kinds of disgraceful incidents.

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