My statue is more beautiful than me - Kareena Kapoor

It’s been a couple of days and Kareena Kapoor is still talking about her Madame Tussauds homage in wax. “My statue is more beautiful than me!” she has exclaimed, while marveling at the preciseness of her wax replica. “Even the absolute minutest details like my fingernails, toenails, even the texture of my skin, is so exact. It’s amazing.” No, we’re not rolling our eyes. We too would be bubbling over with joy and reveling in our own beauty had we a wax figure of ourselves at Tussauds and a newly instated nawab fiancé. And a Shahid Kapoor left embittered in the wake of our love. If there was a mission truly dear to our hearts, it would be to annoy Shahid into smiling in that frowny, passive aggressive way of his. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, watch Mausam.
While we too think that Kareena is rather lovely, we now know what she likes best about herself too! “I like my eyes. I’m quite proud of them. And yes, I think my eyes do come alive in the statue – the glint, my eagerness and naughtiness shine through.”
Meanwhile, this is whom Kareena would like to stand next to her for all eternity, till heat do them part: “I would love my sister Karisma’s statue next to mine. I’m not complete without her.”
We actually have a suggestion for this one. It is inevitable that Saif Ali Khan will get a spot at Madame Tussauds sooner or later; the museum can cut down on costs by just getting Saif to moonlight as his wax figure as a second career as his wonderfully smooth face is just a step away from looking like he is made of wax. Karisma can be next to Kareena, and they can move Hrithik’s figure around to this little group giving Kareena a discreet side-eye and Shahid seven feet away from them, bedecked in his Mausam finery, glaring disapprovingly at them through his aviators. Wax figures and the tragedy of love in one! Win-win for everyone.

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