Reema Khan is getting Married with an US based Doctor

So, the good news is that beautiful, glamorous and pretty famous Pakistani film actress and director Reema Khan is finally tying the knot.Well! Her soon-to-be-hubby is neither a singer nor an actor or director, he is actually a Doctor from America named as Dr. Tariq Shahab.What we are hearing is that the Mayon ceremony is going to take place on 15th November i.e tomorrow. The news has not been broken though but it is obvious that she would have planned to do it months back or maybe weeks back but today as reported by several online publications, it became the talk of people that finally Reema is getting married with Dr. Tariq Shahab.It is also interesting to note that the reports of “Reema marrying Dr. Tariq” was floating for quite sometime. But now it seems very much obvious that there is something definitely happening.
After her Rukhsati, Reema would have a stay at America. The decided date for Reema’s Rukhsati is set on 18th November. Reportedly, the Lollywood Queen is also in America right now.
Congratulations to the couple in advance!

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