Fabulous Valentine Day Makeup Look Red & Romantic 2012

Valentines Day is celebrated on 14th February every year. Valentines Day is defined as the day to spend best and quality time with the loved ones or partners. Valentines Day is very special for every person whether men, women or teenager. Almost every person is anxiously waiting for the arrival of Valentines Day. Valentines Day increases the intensity of love to the higher degree.

On Valentines Day, couples presenting beautiful gifts, going for the candle night dinner and also wearing special dress. On Valentines Day, it is very important for couples to exhibit their love.

Preparation of women for Valentines Day then makeup is considered to be the most important factor. In this article we will discuss red look romantic makeup for Valentines Day. As we know that Valentines Day is a symbol of love so it depicts red colour. Every woman wants to wear red clothes and red makeup for Valentines Day.

By selecting red makeup woman will enhance her beauty and complexion. Moreover, red romantic makeup is very popular and famous among women for Valentines Day. Furthermore, apart from red romantic makeup woman can also wear red dress in order to show her love.

The importance and popularity of red romantic makeup for Valentines Day it is easy to conclude that if any woman wants to make preparation for Valentines Day then woman should select red colour for makeup because red colours shows love and romance. Valentines Day holds great importance for romantic couples.

Valentine’s Day Makeup

1. Honey Suckle Makeup – The red and pink coloured shade compliments well for a romantic evening. It suits all skin types. For lighter complexion, the shade can be subtle and spread well on face using a soft tissue.
2. Cinderella Look – The famous Natalie Portman ‘Swan’ look is the most happening Valentine’s day makeup. A gorgeous ballerina side bun that is close to the nape of the neck with a swipe of liquid liner and bright matte red/pink lip colour is just a perfect look for romantic date.
3. Smudgy Eye Makeup – To get the ‘sexy’ look, all you need to do is highlight eyes with a liquid liner and smudge it a little to get the smoky effect. The cat eyes will easily mesmerise the people around. A lighter lip shade or a red gloss can make the look even classy.
4. Lovely Red Lips – Going for a dark cherry red lip colour will catch the eyes of your partner every moment. This is the best season to flaunt the colour of red and fairer skin tones can do justice with ease.
5. Flirty Eyes – For the flirty eye look, you can apply a dark coloured eye shadow without matching with dress you wear (For example, you can wear a grey eye shadow for a red dress, etc). The depth of makeup makes your partner melt into your eyes of love. A high ponytail can add to the flirty attitude.
You are totally mistaken if you think that you need to wear only reds for valentines day. The romantic makeup can have all shades, even the weirdos like forest green, etc., can be applied in contrast with black, silver and white outfits. At times, the red accessories can be in contrast with the coloured dresses, that’s a new fashion tip to save your pockets.

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