Mughal-e-Azam Brosha Lawn Prints 2012

Mughal-e-Azam-Brosha-Lawn Sitara Textiles has launched Sitara Mughal-e-Azam Brosha Lawn for this summer 2012.
This collection includes women summer lawn & brosha prints and latest designs.
 Mughal-e-Azam-Brosha-Lawn-10 Mughal-e-Azam-Brosha-Lawn-11 Mughal-e-Azam-Brosha-Lawn-1
Mughal-e-Azam-Brosha-Lawn-2 Mughal-e-Azam-Brosha-Lawn-3 Mughal-e-Azam-Brosha-Lawn-4
 Mughal-e-Azam-Brosha-Lawn-5 Mughal-e-Azam-Brosha-Lawn-6 Mughal-e-Azam-Brosha-Lawn-7 
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