Reema khan expecting baby: US stay extended

Leading Pakistan filmstar Reema Khan is expecting a baby and now she would extend US visit till August 2012.
She was married to a cardiologist S Tariq Shahab on November 16, 2011 at Virginia, United States.
Reema’s return to Pakistan was expected in February. She was due to host a show at a local television.
But after becoming pregnant, Reema has extender her stay at US.
Debuted in 1990 with film Bulandi, Reema has far worked in over 200 films. She also produced and directed two films which attracted a large number of Pakistan viewers to cinema.
Expressing their joy over the good news, Reema’s colleagues including Rambo, Resham and Sahiba have congratulated her.
“Its the biggest gift for a woman to become a mother,” they added.

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