Al Karam Summer Lawn Prints 2012 by Umar Sayeed

Latest Al Karam Summer by Umar Sayeed has the matchless oomph of driving women crazy.
Color palette of latest Al Karam Summer by Umar Sayeed bestows season’s best amalgamation. The eye popping patterns carved on it by fashion guru Umar Sayeed have extreme femininity to invite young lass to it.

Al Karam Summer Lawn Collection 2012 by Umar Sayeed is a collection that ladies ever love to don because of its freshness and vivid designs across border, neck, and sleeves. It also includes blend of silk borders and embroidery to make it trendier.
Here is the full Summer by Al Karam is given below have a look
 Al_Karam_2 Al_Karam_3 Al_Karam_4 Al_Karam_5
 Al_Karam_6 Al_Karam_7 Al_Karam_8 Al_Karam_9
 Al_Karam_10 Al_Karam_11 Al_Karam_12 Al_Karam_13
 Al_Karam_14 Al_Karam_15 Al_Karam_16 Al_Karam_17
 Al_Karam_18 Al_Karam_19 Al_Karam_20 Al_Karam_21
 Al_Karam_22 Al_Karam_23 Al_Karam_24

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