Love Lies & Seeta First Look 2012

Love Lies and Seeta is an upcoming Drama,Comedy,Romance movie directed by Chandra Pemmaraju, staring Melanie Kannokada, Arjun Gupta, Lavrenti Lopes as well as Michael Derek. This movie will be released on May 4, 2012.
About Movie
As the three-men’s friendships grow, a chance encounter with Seeta makes them realize they all have fallen in love with the same woman. The movie follows the lives of the male leads – “Rahul,” “Tom”, and “Bhavuk”, who have all independently met the beautiful “Seeta” at different stages in their lives. The city backdrop depicts a New York summer and makes its urban natural beauty an important supporting character This Indian - American independent film is about ‘falling for a girl who doesn’t believe in love’, interweaving friendships that cross-traditional borders of ethnicity. The love triangle envelops the characters and their friends. They reach-out to their friends outside the group to cope with falling in love with Seeta. Love Lies and Seeta is a new age romantic comedy set in New York Summer.
Cast & Crew
Love Lies Seeta Movie LLC
Status Completed
Release Date 4 May 2012
Genre Comedy,Drama,Romance
Color C
Language English
Director Chandra Pemmaraju
Producer Chandra Pemmaraju
Star Cast Melanie Kannokada
Arjun Gupta
Lavrenti Lopes
Michael Derek
Story / Writers Chandra Pemmaraju
Publicity Pro Neeraj Gupta
Rahi Communications
Editor Kenneth Fabritius
Cinematography Lukasz Pruchnik

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