Lollywood Queen Reema Walima Ceremony Exclusive Pictures

Lollywood’s Barbie doll Reema Khan married to Dr Tariq Shahab back in November 18, 2011. The wedding was a small affair as she had said that there would be a big wedding reception in Lahore. The walima ceremony was held in a local hotel here on Saturday, the groom dressed in traditional wedding dresses while actress Reema khan worn the silver bridal dress designed by Hasan Shehryar Yasin.

The ceremony was largely attended by social & showbiz figures. Many leading artistes of Television and Film including Syed Noor, Sangita, Jamshaid Zafar, Bahar Begam, Ayesha Sana, as well as friends & family members, attended the ceremony.

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>> Exclusive Pictures of Reema Khan Wedding Ceremony << 

Lollywood Queen Reema Walima Ceremony Video :

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