Fawad Khan Is Really Impressed By The Indian's Hospitality..

Fawad Khan, a verstile actor of Pakistan is in India now a days, he is highly demanded in across the border and he is running fast to become a biggest actor of bollywood. Recently in an interview giving to BBC Fawad said,"Everything is a gamble every success which i attempt even back in Pakistan is also a gamble and popularity is not something that's going to stick with you for the rest of your life."
When the anchor asked that if it is a worth risking his success in Pakistan for a shot at B-Town, the heartthrobe of Pakistan said,"At some point in time, you are boundto make mistakes, so i think it's a part of job, you know travel where yore takes you".

Pakistani heratthrobe, who has amde his debute of bollywood in Khubsoort with Sonam Kapoor, was asked, if he faced any misbehave in India because of "eggshell" relations between two countries India and Pakistan. Fawad answered quickly,"Not at all, not at all, A lot of us brought up with these kinds of stigmas where there's an enemy across the border, but you will be surprised- Indians are coming over to Pakistan and Pakistanis are going over to India. The hospitality is worth writing of India. I am feeling India as I am at my home In Pakistan". 

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