Lollywood: Vulgarity On Its Peak In Pakistan!

Here I want to draw attention of the readers towards the increased vulgarity in Pakistani showbiz. The actors of Lollywood are becoming so much vulgar that they are completely forgetting that they are Muslims and representing Pakistan. We notice this in the lux style awards where they dress up so openly that it becomes difficult to accept the reality that they are Muslims and belong to an Islamic state. This kind of appearance is putting negative impact on the younger generation of our country.
Not only this but now a days we can see that the films which are being released in Lollywood are also not worth watching. The dialogues, dresses, movie themes as well as movie titles are also cheap. This should be controlled as soon as possible. Because of this we are getting away from our culture and forgetting our religion and these low grade and uncultured movies are influencing our generation in the negative way. Those effects and outcome are spotted in the news every single day.Government should ban these movies and these films should also be prohibited in Pakistani cinemas as well which can be a major initiative for restricting these shameful broadcasts.

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