Beauty Queen Sajal Ali And Heratthrobe Feroz Khan Together In Gul E Rana

This newest play deals with emotions, trust, relations and sympathy. The plot highlights the life of Sajal Ali as Gul E Rana, raised under the guardianship of her uncle, Gul-e-Rana is very different from her cousins and exhibits the traits of a well-groomed and modest girl.Unlike Gul-e-Rana, her cousin Adeel Feroz Khan is an egotistic and narcissistic. To him, girls are merely a means of time pass and pleasure.
He considers Gul-e-Rana perfect to marry as she wouldn’t have a say in his personal life and tries every trick in his book to woo her but she pays no heed. Frustrated by her response, Adeel knits a sinister plan and traps Gul E Rana, leaving her with a choice to choose between him and her honour. What follows is a story of revenge and remorse.

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