Main Sitara Upcoming Drama Of Saba Qamar And Mikaal Zulfiqar

Main Sitara is the upcoming drama starring by Noman Ijaz, Meera, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Saba Qamar, Hassan Ahmad, Azfar Rehman, Rija Ali, Ayesha Gul and so many others.

The script has been written by a famous novel write Faiza Iftikhar but the name of the director has not been revealed yet.

According to TV One, the story of Main Sitara revolves around the heart wrenching journey of a poor girl, who wants to become a filmstar. This is the story of 60th century.

There is a confusion regarding the name of the drama, writer of this drama Faiza Iftikhar promote it on her facebook fan page as the name of Nigaar Khana but TV One is promoting it as Main Sitara.

Saba Qamar Plays the major role in this play. Mikaal Zulfiqaar is also a working in this as a leading role namely Farhaad Sethi. Meera will be playing the role of Naseem  Dilruba.

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