Wasu aur Mein Episode 4 on Geo Tv

Here is the 4th episode of most anticipated and highly promoted new show of Geo TV Network, Wasu aur Mein featuring Shehzad Roy along with Wasu (the Baloch guy) showing us interesting things via this new show.
Watch below 4th Episode of  Wasu aur Mein:
The docudrama "Wasu aur Main" follows the travels of Shehzad Roy, a Pakistani musician and Wasu Khan, a villager from Baluchistan. Brought together by their common passion for music, Shehzad and Wasu realize that they have a lot to learn from each other. Wasu's unique perspective on Pakistan's history and his shrewd observations force Shehzad to reevaluate his own notions on progress, poverty and patriotism. As the show moves through several cities, the two of them try to understand what being a citizen of Pakistan means and realize what the future holds for them in this country.

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