Annie Khalid Wedding Pictures
Annie Khalid Wedding Pictures
Famous pakistani pop singer annie khalid tied the knot with dubai based businessman malik noureed awan, who is originally from abbottabad, pakistan. Malik noureed awan holds tone of the largest business in the world with the name of mma group. It has been heard that the couple was in love some time before and now they finally got married. The marriage was a private. The marriage took place in a very decent manner in lahore and only few close family friends and family members were invited in the wedding.
Annie khalid who got married with a dubai based businessman malik noureed awan , has got hospitalized today on her most memorable day of life i.e her wedding ceremony.

The nikaah ceremony had already been organized before ramadhan and annie khalid rukhshati was due to happen right after eid ul fitr. Today, as many industry insiders know, was the wedding ceremony of annie khalid. The place where the guests were invited, had been fully accommodated with well-wishers, who were there to congratulate the new couple.

Soon after the event ceremony was started, they came to know that the bride annie has got ill. Unfortunately, annie couldn’t come to her own wedding ceremony, as the nature of her illness was serious. According to geo news, annie has been hospitalised (admitted in a hospital in lahore). we wish her the quickest recovery! May she get recovered soon.
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